Comedy-Gram & Balloon Delivery

New York & Vermont Comedy-Gram & Balloon Delivery for Birthday Wishes or Special Occasions”

Our Happy Clients

The Perfect Unforgettable Personalized Gift for Any Special Occasion

Want to make someone’s day? Surprise someone special at their home or workplace with a Comedy-Gram by Pipsqueak and a Balloon Bouquet! I’ve partnered with The Party Factory to deliver balloons and giggles for any age and any occasion.

My Balloon Bouquets & Comedy Grams are a great way to make someone’s day, wish them well, or offer congratulations. I can customize the delivery in any way that fits you, the occasion, or the recipient!

In the past, I’ve read silly poems the sender has written for the recipient, brought my “invisible dog” to visit a dog lover, delivered goofy gag gifts, and much more. Use your imagination!

How Long Are Comedy-Gram Deliveries?

Most of my deliveries are between 10-20 minutes. When I arrive I typically “read the room” and take it from there. Unlike some delivery companies, I do not just jump out of my car, chuck the flowers at someone, grunt a “thanks” and leave. Where’s the fun in THAT? I want your guests to have an actual experience they’ll remember. I stick around to give the recipient and any guests with them a good time!

Comedy-Grams are for every occasion when the giver doesn’t want a full-blown show. They are most often given for birthdays (don’t ask me why 50 seems to be the magic number for doing this!) and “get well” after a surgery. I show up at the work place, hospital, or home with a balloon bouquet and some funny bits of business relating specifically to the recipient.

Check out some of the ideas below…

Get Well

Uncle Fred gets his appendix removed and it’s his first day home. By himself. In front of the television. Watching Brady Bunch reruns for eight. hours. straight. Break up the boredom and send Pipsqueak to prescribe large doses of the best medicine: laughter! He’ll be on his feet in no time, insisting that you try his “world-renowned” meatloaf.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win oodles of brownie points, so why not go all out? Knock knock! Who’s there? Oh my goodness! Every girl wants a story to tell along with the bling, and you’re sure to be well on your way to a wonderful future.

Happy Anniversary”

Admit it. You know you’re their favorite, even after the shenanigans you pulled in high school. Make Dad and Mom feel special and spice up their 50th anniversary party!

Birthday greeting

Yes, that year when your best friend and you are trying to outdo each other for throwing the best birthday parties… Picture her face as Pipsqueak walks up the driveway… Just sayin’.


Think graduations, job promotions, senior retirement parties…

Thank you

Co-worker saved the day and covered your shift? Want to express your appreciation for a teacher investing in your kids? A friend came and fixed the frozen pipes while you were on vacation? Let them know you appreciate them by sending a “Thank You” with Pipsqueak the Clown.

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