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Looking for a great party entertainer to hire for your community event, fair, or festival but not sure who to choose?

Planning the perfect family event involves a lot of steps. You have to plan the venue, the food, and sooooo much more. You need party entertainment that’s experienced, dependable, and most importantly, will hold the attention of your kids…and grownups!

That’s where I come in.

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What Kind of Party
Entertainment Ideas Do You

How do I do it? I bring the perfect blend of magic, kid-friendly humor, puppetry, balloons, and more to create memories that last a lifetime. Mostly, it’s my character that children of all ages (and adults!) love. Pipsqueak is like a living cartoon, always upbeat and happy.

My programs are perfect for:

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Wide Variety of Party
Entertainment Services

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Festival Entertainer

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Pipsqueak's presence brings a fun and energetic atmosphere that can help draw people in, creating a larger audience for your festival.

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Balloon Delivery

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Balloon Deliveries and Comedy Grams are for every occasion when the giver doesn’t want a full-blown show. I show up with funny bits relating specifically to the recipient.

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Library Shows

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Strong Reading Messages + Entertainment = Unforgettable Library Programs

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Community Event Performer

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Pipsqueak will entertain and engage the audience through strolling comedy. She simply shows up and shows your guests a great time using funny props, pocket magic and silly bits that get everyone chuckling and loving life like a kid again. Or she can perform an amazing comedy magic show for your group. It’s really more of a variety show filled with puppets, magic, games, join-in interactive fun! Either are a great way to bring the community together!

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School Assembly Shows

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Educational and Interactive School Assemblies in New York & Vermont Featuring Join-In Fun, Laughs, and Important Messages on: Reading, Social Awareness, Dental Hygiene and Ocean Sciences.

The Fun
Over Yet

Keep Scrolling

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Birthday Parties

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Make your child’s birthday a magical experience that’s filled with joy, surprises, and a touch of enchantment with Pipsqueak.

Experience Gift

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Picture-worthy moments and unforgettable experiences! Because sometimes, the best gift is a moment that becomes a cherished story.

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Princess Parties

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Make your little princess and her friends giggle and squeal with delight when you hire Pipsqueak's Party Time.

Frequently asked

3-11, but most events include all ages. We cater the party to the age most represented. For example, kids under 4 don’t “get” all of the jokes or understand magic the way older kids do and have shorter attention spans. For them, we do a shorter show with less magic, simplified humor, and more puppets.

It depends on what you are looking for. You could hire your neighbor to wear that cheap clown getup he got from the Internet, put on bad makeup (which can be terrifying), and do a little amateur juggling for $0 – $100.

But is that what you actually want?

Do you really want a professional clown who just happens to have a degree in elementary education and decades of experience working with children who are shy, outgoing, and everything in between? Someone known for compassion, sensitivity, and genuine joy? Well then, you probably want Pipsqueak. Would you like a clown who travels nationally for training to become really excellent? Yeah, then you want Pipsqueak. Would you like a pro who has quality props and a clean, cute—not scary—appearance? Well, shucks, it sounds like you are looking for Pipsqueak.

  • A good clown has high ratings and genuine reviews. Here are a few of ours:
      1) Couldn’t ask for a better clown to have for your special occasion!”
      2) “We loved having Pipsqueak at my son’s first birthday!! She was amazing. Kept everyone laughing. Young to old. Everyone still talks about how great his party was. Highly recommend. We will be seeing her in our future parties!”
      3) “These guys are just awesome! We hired them for my 4 year old autistic son and all children (different ages, by the way) were super excited also. They were keeping children’s and the adults:)attention for the whole time, I have no idea how they do this, they are really professionals! I would highly recommend Pipsqueak’s Party Time! Thank you so much for making Quinn’s birthday so special!!”
  • A trustworthy clown can provide background check papers. (Pipsqueak can. Just ask.)
  • Great hair!
  • A good clown arrives at your party early…but not like 2 a.m. early.
  • A professional clown has insurance.
    “Like a good neighbor, Bozo is there.”
    “Clownstate, are you in big shoes?”
    “A fifteen-minute call could save you fifteen percent or more on clown insurance.
    (We’ve got more…)
  • A trustworthy clown avoids fire tricks in her show. (Because setting off the smoke alarms—while exciting—is not the type of excitement you’re looking for.)
  • A trustworthy clown avoids using live animals. The most important trait in a clown is kindness. Unknown to most people, live animals in magic shows get stressed by frequent travel and confinement. It is unkind to use live animals in this way. Pipsqueak is nice to animals and to children. (By the way, puppets are WAY funnier than live animals. Also, puppets do not pee. The only pee at Pipsqueak’s clown show is from audience members laughing too hard.)
Pipsqueak is a little bitty clown. Don’t tell her, but she’s practically the same size as the kiddos. (The creepy clowns are usually big guys with amateur acts and bad makeup…they scare us, too!) She’s also very good at reading the room. Her approach with shy kids is to NEVER get in their face or come on strong. Instead, she plays shy, too. She’ll keep her distance and let the shy child come to her when they are ready. She encourages the adults NOT to push the child at all. Instead, she takes a very gentle approach. Shy children are able to sit in the back and watch the show at a distance until they feel comfortable. They see Pipsqueak interacting with their more outgoing friends, and they fall in love with her silly puppets. They want to join in on the magic. By the time the show is over, the shyest child has warmed up and most want to come closer to get a sticker or get their face painted. Winning the heart of the shy child is something Pipsqueak excels at. But who are we kidding? It’s not just the kids, right? Countless adults have told us, “I’m usually afraid of clowns, but I’m not afraid of Pipsqueak!”

You will find a lot of good information here: Party Planning.

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Does Pipsqueak Offer Party
Entertainment Near Me?

I have a pretty big travel area! First, I offer family entertainment in the entire state of Vermont, so that’s a lot! But I cover big chunks of Upstate New York, too. If you’re looking for kid’s party entertainment anywhere from Champlain, NY to the Albany/Rensselaer, NY area, I have you covered!

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I offer a wide variety of party entertainment ideas! Below are some of the services I offer:

Balloon Sculptures


Comedy Magic Shows

Face Painting