Comedy Magic Shows

ATTN: New York & Vermont Event Planners: Keep Your Guests Laughing with Comedy Magic Shows Perfect for Fairs, Festivals, & Other Special Events Puppets, Magic, & Interactive Fun Make Pipsqueak the Clown’s Comedy Magic Shows the Perfect Addition to Any Family Event For your next special event, what kind of entertainer do you want? Comedy is great because people like to laugh. Magic is awesome because it’s visual and appeals to all ages. Why not combine the two? Comedy magic shows can liven up any special event. But who do you choose? When many people think of comedy magic shows, they imagine a comedy club magician telling dirty jokes. But that’s not what I offer. I’m New York & Vermont family entertainment specialist Pipsqueak the Clown. I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of event coordinators and planners make their events incredibly successful for over 20 years. My clients love what I do! Here’s what a recent said: “Considering I’ve rubbed shoulders with hundreds of entertainers, been to multiple clown training organizations such as the Northeast Clown Institute and others, Pipsqueak has got to be the most talented performer I have seen as of yet!!!!!! Her cute and bubbly personality combined with HILAAAAAAARIOUS routines… you’ve just gotta see it for yourself!” –Lacey Zarsky And there are plenty more, too! Be sure to explore my site and check out the looooooong list of satisfied clients! But you might be wondering what kind of events are my shows good for? Glad you asked… Pipsqueak’s Comedy Magic Shows are Perfect for Nearly Any Special Event My shows are perfect for nearly any event, indoors or out. Best of all, I alter the show to fit your event. Here’s how… Entertainment for Your Entire Audience If you have a set space for entertainment, I can perform an amazing comedy magic show for your group. It’s really more of a variety show, though. The show is filled with puppets, magic, join-in fun, and plenty of laughs. Everything I do is family-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about whether anyone will be offended. But what if your event doesn’t have a stage? Or your event’s attendees will be spread out, as they explore different areas? No problem! Strolling Entertainment for Your Guests This is something unusual that almost no one else offers! Have you ever heard of ‘strolling magic?’ It’s when a magician goes from table to table or group to group performing magic. Well, I offer something unique called Strolling Comedy! As the name says, I go wherever your guests are and entertain them in small groups. Think of it as almost ‘street comedy’ but for family audiences! This form of entertainment is the most versatile. I go where your guests are. And here’s the best part: There is NO setup, NO sound system, and NO hassle! I simply show up and give your guests a great time! What Kinds of Events in New York & Vermont Does Pipsqueak the Clown Perform? I perform at a wide variety of events! After 20 years, I’ve seen it all. No matter how unusual your event, chances are I’ve performed at events just like yours several times over the years. Here’s just a small sample of the kinds of events where I perform amazing comedy magic and family entertainment shows: Fairs & Festivals Rotary Clubs Kiwanis Clubs Boys & Girls Clubs Home Show Expos Craft Shows Business Expos Company Picnics Christmas Parties Community Celebrations Community Program Graduations Grand Openings Family Reunions Libraries Birthdays School Assemblies If you have an upcoming event and you’re not sure if my comedy magic shows would be a good fit, just ask! My shows are very adaptable and can enhance any event. 3 Reasons Why Pipsqueak the Clown is the Easiest Entertainer You Will Ever Hire You’ve read how flexible and adaptable my shows are. You’ve read comments from past clients. But you might be wondering if I’m a prima donna? Am I going to demand my own dressing room with chilled sparkling wine? No, and no! I guarantee I’ll be the most low-key performer ever. Here are three reasons why:  Everything Included: I bring all the stuff I need to perform. That even includes a sound system and mic! Just give me a place to plug in my system and voila! Everyone watching the show can hear me and you don’t need to have a tech person on hand. Easy-peasey! Easy Booking Process: Once we agree to work together, I make the booking process super simple. And, well, let’s face it, some entertainers flakes. Many don’t bother to send out confirmation of any kind, let alone an invoice. I’ll send you an invoice for your approval and stay in contact with you leading up to your event. This is my business, and I treat it as such. You’ll be able to relax, knowing you’ve hired a professional who cares about your event as much as you do! Early Arrival: Have you had an entertainer who showed up late or at the very last minute? That’s not how I roll. I show up early so you can relax, knowing a key part of your event is ready to go.   How to Book Pipsqueak the Clown’s Comedy Magic Show for Your Upcoming New York or Vermont Event Want to find out more? Ready to rock your event’s world? Let’s get started! You can contact me in three ways: Fill out the Contact form on this page. You’ll get information delivered to you along with my free special report, “The 4-Word Secret to Planning the Best Event Ever! (HINT: It’s Not What You Think!)” You can also call me at (518) 569-8304 or You can email me at (Just don’t tell anyone Pipsqueak’s secret identity!) I look forward to hearing from you soon! –Pipsqueak

Face Painting

“Amazing Artistic Entertainment Service for New York & Vermont Parties or Special Occasions” Give Your Guests a Beautiful Souvenir from Your Party, Fair or Festival   Have you ever been to an event without souvenirs? Probably not! At every successful party or special event, there is one thing in common: people want to take something home from your event. They want something fun to remember the time they spent at your party! And face painting is one of the best ways to make your event unforgettable. Why? Face painting is personal! It doesn’t matter what other kinds of family entertainment you may have at your event. If you give your attendees something personal, they’ll remember the wonderful time they had at your event much longer. I’ve been offering face painting for events just like yours for nearly 20 years! My designs are eye-catching, beautiful, and best of all completely safe. I never use any paints known to cause allergies. Just Some of the Events Face Painting Can Enhance… Face painting makes any event brighter and happier! And I can offer my face painting for your party or special event indoors or outside. Just let me know so I can plan accordingly. Here are some of the events I’ve face-painted at in the past: Fairs & Festivals Home Show Expos Craft Shows Business Expos Company Picnics Christmas Parties Community Celebrations Community Program Graduations Grand Openings Family Reunions Birthdays Face painting is usually booked as a three-hour package. If you are expecting a large crowd, you may add more time in hour-long increments. Have a smaller event? Contact me on pricing for your event. Scroll down to check out just a small sample of some of the amazing designs I’ve done for both kids and adults throughout the years.

Comedy-Gram & Balloon Delivery

“New York & Vermont Comedy-Gram & Balloon Delivery for Birthday Wishes or Special Occasions” The Perfect Unforgettable Personalized Gift for Any Special Occasion

Plan Your Party

“7 Easy Steps to Planning the Perfect Party or Special Event“ You want your event to go off without a hitch, right? You gotta plan it. I’ve been performing at children’s birthdays and other family events throughout New York and Vermont for nearly 20 years. The best events are the ones where everything was decided on before the big day. Sounds easy, right? The challenge many people run into when planning events is coordination. Who Doesn’t Love “One-Stop Shopping?” For your party to run smooth as silk, you have a lot to think about. You’ve got invitations, the venue, party supplies, decorations, and entertainment. Well, you’re on my site, so you’ve found the right entertainment! But what about the other stuff? I’m a big believer in one-stop shopping! I’ve put together a great list of venues, free party invitations, and even decoration sources to make putting your event together as stress-free as possible. Scroll down and you’ll see I’ve done all the hard work for you! And if you have any questions about any of the resources I recommend or provide, let me know. I want your event to be as successful as you do! –Pipsqueak