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Magical & Interactive Library Shows Perfect for Summer Reading Programs in NY & VT

Draw More Patrons, Increase Circulation, & Increase Library Card Signups

If you’re reading this, then you probably work in a library. If so, I just have two words for you…

Thank you!

Librarians are some of the kindest, hardest-working people around. And librarians like you know the importance of getting more people into your library. But getting children into your library is REALLY important.

Encouraging kids to check out more books benefits everyone:

  • The library benefits from more books in circulation
  • The children reading the books develop and reinforce reading as a lifelong habit
  • Parents have a wonderful and FREE resource available whenever they want

Yup, libraries are important. So much so that I’ve created special programming to help libraries draw more people.

How to Fill Your Library with Eager Readers

I’m Pipsqueak the Clown. For the last 20 years, I’ve presented fun-filled magic/puppet shows to libraries in New York and Vermont. Based out of Plattsburgh, NY, I love bringing fun and amazing children’s library programs to libraries just like yours.

Check out what a past client had to say:

“Wead Library patrons and staff thoroughly enjoyed Pipsqueak’s Performance. It was an exciting and engaging program. Every child was mesmerized from start to finish. Our summer reading theme and the importance of reading was seamlessly incorporated into the show. Booking Pipsqueak was incredibly easy experience, her secretary Christine worked with us to secure other same day performances to receive a discount. We look forward to booking Pipsqueak again!” – Wead Requests

That’s not the only one. Check out my collection of thrilled clients throughout my site.

I use wacky, silly, and eye-catching magic to amaze the children attending. I bring goofy puppets to stir up trouble and create hilarious conflict during each show. And I involve the kids! I invite several children up to the stage to help throughout the show.

The result? An energized, excited group of kids just chomping at the bit to ‘devour’ the books in your library. (Well, not really ‘devour.’ It’s just an expression. Don’t worry. Your books are safe with me!)

But it’s not just about the fun.

Strong Reading Messages + Entertainment = Unforgettable Library Programs

Anyone can get a group of kids jazzed and excited. But that’s not what this is about. Nope. My super-secret mission? Amaze kids with the virtues of reading and the library!

And I do it by creating shows designed to highlight each year’s Summer Reading Program theme. Below are details on just a few past shows I’ve created based on that year’s theme:

2022 Theme – Oceans of Possibilities: My show, titled “Waves of Fun,” featured books and magic all about water. Along with my Slippery Seal puppet, I used magic and humor to encourage children to check out specific books on that year’s theme.

2023 Theme – All Together Now: I created a wonderful show titled “Fabutabulus Friends.” This show was (spoiler alert!) all about making friends! This show revealed the qualities of a good friend, how to be a good friend, and much more.

Each year I create a brand-new show that is magical, kid-friendly, and perfectly tied to the year’s theme. Your patrons will love seeing a new show each year!

3 Reasons Why Pipsqueak is the Easiest Presenter You’ll Ever Meet

As a librarian, I know how busy you are. The last thing you need is some flake who can’t be bothered to send a confirmation letter. Or one who never bothers to show up. When you book me, you can rest easy. Here’s why booking me is so simple:

  1. Easy Booking Process – I want to make our time together completely stress-free. My booking process is straightforward. Best of all, I’m professional. This is my business and I treat it as a business.
  2. Flexible & Adaptable – Have you ever met other performers who insisted on everything being ‘just so?’ That’s not me. I’ve visited libraries of all shapes and sizes! Just point me to your performing area and I’ll set up, do my job, and leave the area exactly how I found it.
  3. Fully Self-Contained – Remember ‘stress-free?’ I bring everything I need! I don’t need any tables or anything from you. I even bring my own PA system and microphone. You can just sit back, relax, and take all the credit.

“Wow! This Sounds Amazing! Now What?”

Getting started is easy! We can connect quickly and easily:

  • Fill out the Contact Form on this page. You’ll receive information about my library shows, fees for your area, and more.


  • Prefer the personal touch? Call me at (518) 569-8304. We can talk about your library, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Oh, and no ‘high-pressure sales tactics,’ either. Just a friendly chat!


Now’s the part when I give you the Big Warning. I’m blessed to be super busy. Each year, I perform at various fairs, festivals, private events, schools, and libraries throughout New York and Vermont. So my ‘prime’ dates go fast.

To avoid missing out on your preferred date and time, please contact me TODAY, while you’re thinking about it.

I look forward to visiting your library soon!