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Successful parties don’t just happen. Just ask Pipsqueak! With decades of experience, she is a party-planning expert and she is here to help!

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Happy, memorable, and stress-free—That’s what most parents want when they book with Pipsqueak’s Party Time. Whether you are planning for 10 or 50, these two principles apply: 1.) plan ahead (this includes chronic procrastinators!) and 2.) work smarter, not harder.

Since Pipsqueak is coming, you’ll want to enjoy every moment alongside your little one and not stress over details.  

For a great show experience, we suggest:

  • Seating should face the staging area.
  • A few balloons on your mailbox/outside the building can help partygoers identify where the party is.
  • Reserve a parking area close to the door where the clowns can bring in various items. Doing so will make set-up much easier and faster.
  • Include a GPS-friendly address on the invitations.
  • Make sure that there are outlets near the stage or extension cords available.
  • ...and EVEN MORE tips are available for FREE on our Pro Planner List. 🙂 We don't sell your information and we would be so excited to hear you are considering a Pipsqueak party!

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Birthday Party Checklist

Sample Party Schedule

1. Attendees arrive

Play organized games or color Pipsqueak pages while stragglers are arriving and while Pipsqueak’s crew preps the show.

3. Post-show activities

Once the show ends, partygoers sing happy birthday and eat cake while Pipsqueak and clowns set up for face-painting and balloons OR pack up show material.

5. Presents / Party Favors

After balloon sculptures are given out and face-painting is done, it’s time to open presents while Pipsqueak is doing a final pack-up.

Party bags are given to the birthday mom at this time. We suggest passing the bags out as the children are leaving so items in the bag are not spilled or lost.

2. Show begins

Pipsqueak’s show begins approximately 20-30 minutes after party starts to give latecomers time to get there.

4. Face-painting / Balloon sculptures

As children are finishing food, they come a few at a time for face-painting and to receive their balloon sculpture. For face-painting, we usually figure five minutes per child.

6. Unforgettable birthday memories

Parent receives HUGE hug from a grateful child who will always remember this “wonderizmic” birthday party!

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