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 “Educational & Interactive School Assemblies in NY & VT Your Students & Faculty Will Rave About & Remember for Years”

School Assembly Programs on Reading, Dental Hygiene, & Respect Featuring Join-In Fun, Laughs, & Important Messages

Pssst…looking for fun school assembly ideas?

If you’re a school educator or PTA/PTO member, you already know how valuable great school assembly programs are. An in-school assembly (or in-school field trip) can get your students excited about a topic. And it’s a great way to reward kids for their hard work.

The key is finding great programs. The best school assemblies walk a fine line between education and fun. Topple over too far to one side and your kiddos become bored and fidgety. Topple over too far on the other side and you wind up with a fun show but no messages.

Fortunately, I know how to walk that line.

Educationally Significant School Assembly Programs Serving New York & Vermont

I’m Pipsqueak the Clown. For nearly 20 years, I’ve delivered exceptional children’s entertainment programs to schools, libraries, private parties, and other special events in the areas surrounding Plattsburgh, NY.

But I know what you’re thinking.

“Can a clown perform an educational school assembly program?”

Yup. But I don’t expect you to believe me without proof. Check out what one client had to say:

“Pipsqueak’s shows are awesome! She does such a great, all-around job, at keeping the kids engaged, entertained, and laughing hysterically, but also educational at the same time! She did a dental show at my daughter’s school and my daughter and her cousins talked and laughed about it all week, also while applying what they learned at home while flossing and brushing. I highly recommend her for any party you’re having!” – Emilina Crane

I guarantee your students will love my show, start to finish. And they’ll absorb the educational lessons, too.

Right now you’re probably wondering…

“What School Assembly Topics Do You Offer?”

Great question! Currently, I offer three topics. Below are details about my Reading, Friendship, and Dental School Assembly Programs:

Reading School Assembly – This program is perfect for PARP (Pick A Reading Partner) or Read Across America incentives. My job with this show is to get your students excited about reading. I periodically change the lineup, but the main messages are:

  • The importance of curiosity
  • Specific children’s books are referenced & highlighted
  • How books make you smarter



Friendship School Assembly – This program fits Respect Week and Character Education incentives like a glove! This show emphasizes the importance of kindness and respect. And the key theme of friendship is woven throughout, too.





Dental Hygiene Show – This is perfect for Dental Hygiene Month! Your kiddos will learn the right way to brush their teeth (even grownups get it wrong!), why dental hygiene is so important and much more. To ramp up the fun, I demonstrate flossing using kids dressed as teeth! Here are some additional highlights:

  • How much toothpaste to use
  • How often to brush
  • How cavities & plaque form
  • How “sugar bugs” hurt your teeth
  • Why a healthy diet matters



Whew! As you can see, I cover a lot of great information during my shows.

But don’t worry, I don’t just babble at the kids endlessly. Without fun stuff, kids tune out an assembly speaker fast!

 5 Ways My School Assemblies Will Hold the Attention of Your Students:

The messages I cover are important, but to keep your students engaged, I use a lot of unique ‘presentational tools’ your average fuddy-duddy motivational speaker would not think to use with kids!

I grab your students’ attention with:

Magic – Yup, MAGIC! Children of all ages love magic. They’ll be glued to me because they won’t want to miss what comes next. And here’s the BEST part…the magic I use illustrates the lessons and concepts in the show. In other words, I don’t just do magic for fun sake. It all has a purpose.


Puppets – Believe it or not, even older grades love puppets. My puppets help me illustrate key concepts, provide conflict, and make the lesson unforgettable. Trust me, the students will be talking about the puppet’s contribution long after the show is done!


Join-In Fun – As an educational expert, you already know that more information is retained when we are actively involved in an activity. I get your entire student body involved. And I bring a LOT of volunteers up onstage to help throughout the show.


Bright Colors & Props – Well, of COURSE my show is going to be colorful. I’m a clown! After 20 years of professional performing, I know how effective clowning and bright, eye-catching props are for holding your kiddos’ attention.



Kid-Friendly Humor – My shows are silly, goofy, and designed to keep the audience laughing, even as they learn important concepts!



Ready to Take the Next Step?

I’d love to visit your school! We can connect in two ways:

  1. Fill out my Contact Form on this page. I’ll send you detailed information, fees for your area, and more. And just for reaching out, I’ll include a free gift! It’s a special report I wrote titled, “The 5-Word Problem Plaguing Schools…and How to Solve It!” This eye-opening report is yours to keep!
  2. Contact me directly. Feel free to call me at (518) 569-8304. Or you can email me at (Laura Green is Pipsqueak’s ‘secret identity. Shhhh…)

Now comes the ‘big warning.’ Each year, my schedule fills up with schools, libraries, community events, private parties, fairs, and the list goes on. So I urge you to connect with you today, while it’s fresh on your mind.

I can’t wait to hear from you!