School & Library Performances

Our school and library shows are the perfect blend of fun and learning!
Each of our themed shows includes a variety of magic, wacky puppets, audience participation and laughter! Although Pipsqueak’s shows are geared primarily toward children, librarians, teachers and parents tell us they enjoy them as much as their kids do!

Pipsqueak’s Reading Adventure

What do clowns and reading have in common?

Discover some of Pipsqueak’s favorite books with optical illusions that are sure to amaze and surprise you. Pipsqueak has a degree in Elementary Education, years of teaching experience, and a true love of reading. She sparks children’s interest in books in a unique and fun way that kids don’t soon forget. Your students will be laughing their way to the library!

Pipsqueak’s One-of-a-Kind Dental Show

Pipsqueak’s Party Time is offering a fun and educational show for Pre-K through 2nd grade on the topic of dental hygiene. This 30-minute show is intended for a classroom setting and will be sponsored by local dentists and orthodontists. For more information, contact Pipsqueak at 518-569-8304 or send us a message below!

Imagine Your Fairy Tale

This 45-minute show with the “Sparkle Fairy” and “Smoulder the Dragon” will take children on a wonderful journey that is bound to “spark” their interest in reading. They’ll make a line for the book checkout counter and be excited to return to your library again!

Contact Pipsqueak at 518-569-8304 or send us a message below to book your show. Discount pricing is available for multiple shows bundled together.